SAP Functional Analyst

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Job Summary:
Responsible for the design, configuration and maintenance of the APO solution. Functionalities that are enabled in APO include: Production Planning Detailed Scheduling (PP/DS), Global Available to Promise (GATP).
To allow company to be highly self-sufficient at supporting our existing SAP implementation, and at identifying, evaluating and implementing SAP solutions that are needed in the future such that the SAP system never restricts business growth or agility, the System Analysts will:
Be the in-house experts for their respective modules on how SAP is configured and used to support its business processes.
Be able to represent to the business how SAP can meet its future business needs.
Be highly capable of configuring and extending their respective core modules of SAP.
Know when and how to effectively leverage external experts in SAP
Primary Responsibilities
Lead teammates within a project team to identify and evaluate alternative solutions to business requirements, as specified by the Business Analyst, in order to find the best solution.
Owns the APO solution from a technical standpoint and governs all changes
Performs hands-on configuration in the APO areas of PP/DS, GATP and CIF
Manages and leverages Application Management Support (AMS) resources on day-to-day production incidents
Works closely with business users on how best to use the system to perform daily functions
Use the business process requirements to detail application requirements, solution design, adherence to SAP best practice, and metrics
Bridges between the business team and the development team to ensure functional requirements are understood and ensure development requirements integrated
Performs unit testing of proposed changes
Oversight of all responsibility area testing to ensure the solution is delivered from a quality perspective and meets the original functional requirements
Effectively use whatever presentation tools and techniques are necessary to ensure that stakeholders can understand, evaluate and approve the proposed solution.
Work closely with the Business Analyst, Technical Architect, developers, and business stakeholders to transform business requirements into detailed functional design specifications for the solution.
Within your assigned SAP module(s), perform SAP system configuration required to make sure the system works as desired.
Write functional specifications that are provided to developers and other technical contributors to guide programming and other technical tasks.
Understand how all technical development objects (Reports, Interfaces, Customizations, Enhancements, and Forms) interact with your SAP module(s) to comprise a comprehensive solution.
Understand how master data is setup in relation to your SAP module(s)
Understand how SAP can be configured to meet our future needs as they arise.
Provide level-3 production support for systems within the domain of expertise
Secondary Responsibilities
Participate in testing of the solution, as necessary.
Participate in the end-user documentation and training processes, as necessary.
Develop work breakdown schedules and estimates for all assigned work that contribute to the overall project plan maintained by the project manager.
Ensure cross-training takes place so no fewer than 2 people can support the system.
Develop maintenance turnover document for systems before go-live that allows the support group to support the system changes.
Monitor, review and recommend application patches, fixes or upgrades for systems
Bachelors Degree in Information Systems, Computer Science or a closely related discipline; or 5 to 7 years equivalent experience; or equivalent combination of education and experience.
Completed a minimum of 2 APO lifecycle implementations and 5 years overall APO experience with specific focus in PP/DS, GATP and CIF
Must have experience with the maintenance of CIF
Must have detailed knowledge of planning master data in ECC and APO
Must have good overall knowledge of OTC (Order to Cash), Plant to stock (PTS) and P2P (Procure to pay) processes.
PP/DS- Planning and service heuristics, Planning strategy, Supersession
GATP- Multi level ATP check, Rules based ATP check, Product availability check, Backorder processing
Working knowledge of CTM is a plus
Two or more years of experience configuring one or more SAP modules
Two or more years of experience writing detailed functional design requirements
Exceptional and professional written, verbal and non-verbal communication
Solid understanding of a typical software development lifecycle.
Sophisticated understanding of technology landscape and how different technologies can be applied to achieve significant business results
Basic understanding of major business principles, processes and technologies, plus deep understanding of business principles in one or more knowledge areas (supply chain, financials, sales, marketing, etc.)
High capacity for team work. Follows instructions well. Contributes ideas and leadership in team situations. Mentors other junior team members in team situations
Ability to lead a group of business people through a complex technical issue to build consensus and drive to good decisions
Ability to present effectively to end users and managers
Demonstrated aptitude for creativity and complex problem-solving
Two or more years of experience configuring one or more SAP modules
Two or more years of experience writing detailed functional design requirements

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